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This is really full of glitches and awesomeness, two things i'd like to know, What did you use for that big synth bass and did you do all the glitching manually with automation clips or some kind of glitchin' plugin? don't you hold out on me like a magician!! :P

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johnfn responds:

Thanks! In this song I did pretty much all the glitching manually by playing around with random Ableton effects until stuff sounded neat.

The bass... it starts as a saw, then I put some saturation on it, and finally this cool ableton plugin called vinyl distortion that makes it go all stereo, which I like a lot (makes it sound so much wider!). If that wasn't enough, sometimes I bounced down the waveform and did some further waveform manipulations to it (pitching it up/down using various ableton algorithms).

Hope that helps ???

Lullabies Lullabies

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duuude...this has a lot of a Muse vibe to it, I think. I see you are against me on the Audio deathmatch! This song is really great, I can imagine it somewhere on the radio or something! Although the mixing and EQ could be a lot better, I would definitely go softer on the low end cause it kinda muds the mix, but despite that, I think its very cool, you got quite a voice! I like it! I think with a proper mixing, this song could definitely beat our submission, although I don't know what your submission's gonna be!. Anyways, good luck! And let's rock!!

Overcome Overcome

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I thought to myself, well, who is this guy reviewing my song? haha. So I came here and this is the first song I hear from you and MY GOD, you are so good! This reminds me a lot of those early songs from Sonic the hedgehog but with a lot better quality and style. Although very different from what I do, I think it's awesome!!

johnfn responds:

Hahaha. I'm glad I can make a good first impression. >:D

I really hope to hear more music from you! You know, I just realized, your track reminds me ever so slightly of "He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot" by Grandaddy. You should definitely check it out. I'm sure you'd love it :D

I´ve seen more I´ve seen more

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Sounds nice, maybe some soft percussion would be cool. Anyway, sounds nice. :).

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Bassoid responds:

Hey man ! I´m going to eventually release the "electric" version of this tune with some jazz-like drums and a different feel to the song - The Jethro Tull style will be intact though ! Thanks for listening !

Quasar Quasar

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I really like this fusion, sounds really awesome.

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The Juggernaut's Clutch The Juggernaut's Clutch

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Definitely nailed it. I felt the action.

Jay-Turner responds:

Thanks very much, I really want to work on evoking feelings (e.g. tension/action) with my music. I see you're in the group with me for the NGADM'14, good luck with that! :)