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We are a band. We make music with a little help from computers.



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First of all...

This...this video was quite a journey. We lost some friends and made some new ones, but we are proud of it. It features the actress Ana Ochoa who is bound to become famous some day because she is so talented. The director, Patxa Guzmán, is also bound for greatness and has become a great friend. I think he is the best thing that came out of it because not only is he a very interesting guy, but he is gonna help us grow our studio with a partnership with his. 

In this time, making it as an artist is no simple thing. We have more tools to work with to promote ourselves, but its an ever growing sea of artists and the ones that make it big and quick are those who are incredibly talented or so bad that they go viral. For us in the middle, it's a constant struggle and we have to tell ourselves to persevere, and the opportunities will come. The video is one example. And that is why I keep coming to Newgrounds, cause people here seem more authentic and focused on the art itself as opposed to social media like facebook. Which gets me to the good news! 

We recently submitted our entry for @Zophar 's NGRMC Remix contest and thanks to that we made a couple of new fans and got invited by @TenodiBoris to collaborate in one of his songs with vocals! I'll leave a link for you below If you want to listen to both of them :). 

Finally, we are working on an album with 8 tracks and a full retro theme, no mixed genres this time, and it's sounding pretty awesome...can't wait to share it everywhere. 

Anyways, thanks to anyone who reads this and anyone who has given us support.



Tenodi Boris feat Moebius Project


Our entry for the NGRMC




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