Just some awesome news...

2017-08-24 20:03:55 by TheMoebiusProject

Hey guys, we haven't been very active here on newgrounds but we have some really cool news..


WE GOT A NEW ALBUM COMING UP! I literally just sent the 14 Tracks to distribute and can't be more excited

Also, check out this very cool teaser made by our friend Daniel from La Tetera Studio https://www.facebook.com/lateterastudio/

(Newgrounds won't let me embed it but you can check it out down here!)


Aaaaand Chan Chan Chaaaaaaaan I am gonna be working on a videogame's sound effect, WHICH VIDEOGAME YOU SAY?! well, this one of course!! 


AAAAAND the BIG ONE!! Our studio is now functional!!! We named it Newtro Studio. Of course we still need to buy more equipment and the control room isn't finished, but the isolated acoustic room is!!  So now we can work on our music till really late and not be bothered or bother the neighbors!! Ain't that nice!! Come visit the facebook page and give us a follow!


Those are the big news and also, I've been learning a lot of things as I go along making retro sound effects, and let me tell you, I really like it, so I'm feeling like maybe making some retro vg music with the lessons learned from that :). 


See you around guys!!!! 

Proper introduction

2017-03-10 17:45:05 by TheMoebiusProject

Hey guys! We've been here for a while but I thought it was time for a proper introduction so here it goes...

This is me...


This is Wally....


This is us as robots a.k.a. Moebius Project



This is us as cartoons jaja



Okay, so that's us and we are self taught musicians that make and play music with the use of a lot of programs, automation, a guitar and a bunch of synths, yeah, that's pretty much it. Now that you know who we are, feel free to listen to our songs and maybe use them in your games, movies, sexy playlists ;p or anything you like. 


With that said, I hope you enjoy our work and you will be hearing from us on Newgrounds often. If you can, visit us on social media, say hi and give us a follow! See you around!!!